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California Society for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The California Society for Pulmonary Rehabilitation (CSPR) is a nonprofit organization, conceived in 1986 and incorporated in 1990 after several years of networking and planning by pulmonary rehabilitation health care professionals in California. The CSPR also welcomes Out-of-State members.

This State Society is comprised of Physicians, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, as well as other health care professionals.

Goals of CSPR:

  • Provide an environment for networking among professionals caring for the complex needs of pulmonary patients.
  • Provide educational opportunities to improve knowledge and skills for clinical practice and research applications.
  • Promote and support guidelines for pulmonary rehabilitation programs.
  • Promote awareness of pulmonary health and rehabilitation for the patient, community, and health care professional.
  • Work closely with other professional organizations to promote common interests.
  • Nurture development and enhance the professional image of practitioners working with pulmonary patients.
  • Publicize and promote National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week.


 World COPD Day is Wednesday November 15th
Please Join us to recognize World COPD Day Wednesday November 15th  “Breathing is Life - Act Earlier"  This year's theme aims to highlight the importance of early
lung health, early diagnosis and early interventions.
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